From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist´s Life. Benjamin Kohl and Linda C. Farthing, with Félix Muruchi .

Stephen Cote


Benjamin Kohl and Linda Farthing’s translation of Félix Muruchi’s testimonio, or oral history, From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist’s Life, provides a rich and accessible text on Bolivian history, society, and culture since the National Revolution of 1952, told through the eyes of a Bolivian tin miner and labor activist. Coming on the heels of a number of books that focused on labor movements and politics in twentieth-century Bolivia, From the Mines to the Streets (which was recently translated as Minero con poder de dinamita. La vida de un activista boliviano, Plural Editores, La Paz, 2009), portrays the daily life and personal struggles of miners against exploitative mining companies and repressive governments. Muruchi describes his life and the Bolivian labor movement during the dictatorships that ruled from 1964 until the early 1980s, and the challenges that miners faced during the neoliberal era since the 1980s and under the current administration of Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president.
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