Desastres naturales en América Latina: Introducción al dossier .

Charles F. Walker


Studies on natural disasters in Latin America are increasing in number and quality for good and bad reasons. First, the bad, or unpleasant.
The hemisphere continues to bear the brunt of earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, and other maladies. The Chilean and Haitian earthquakes are the best known of recent catastrophes but other nations and regions have been plagued as well. The media in Latin America pays growing attention to these.
Disaster and distressing aftermath pictures sell newspapers and keep people watching the TV. In fact, in North, Central, and South America, disasters are sometimes the only times that the national media focuses, although briefly, on the poor and make disasters and their coverage ever more common.
Key topics addressed in these essays--how people understand nature and the built environment as well as how societies react to catastrophes--are increasingly relevant topics in the twenty-first century.
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